19 Jul 2016


There are 4 key types of massages: Swedish, Deep, Sports, and Trigger point massage. If you can think of a downside to a massage we would like to know! The plethora of upsides include improving anxiety, digestive disorders, and headaches. Call and schedule your day of relaxation at Ocean Rayz today!


Exfoliation, steam, and masks are only three of many types of facials that are offered at Ocean Rayz Spa. Facials like these do things such as open pores and moisturize your skin, clearing your face of acne and blemishes. Once you book an appointment with one of our skilled estheticians, you are one step closer to beautiful skin!


Tanning can range from spray tans to laying or standing in one of our top of the line tanning beds. Tanning is perfect for the winter time and even in the summer if you want to avoid the hot weather but still get the beautiful color you want. Tanning is available at all 4 of our Ocean Rayz locations and we offer multiple levels to suite your tanning needs. Tan today at Ocean Rayz!


Whether it is a bikini wax or a Brazilian, waxing has been a preferred choice for the summer time months! Bikini season? No problem! You won’t have to worry about shaving after an appointment with one of our waxing experts. Call and schedule today, so that you can be worry-free!