12 Jun 2016

We know it’s always nice to be able to come by Ocean Rayz spa for a mani-pedi, facial or massage. But after a long day’s work and no energy to make it out, why not unwind in a luxury spa of your own? De-stressing your body is incredibly important and we love to take care of all your spa treatment needs, but we understand that sometimes there is just no time! Fortunately for you, creating your own spa oasis at home is easier than you may think.

Lighting is Everything

The lower the lighting the more relaxed you’ll feel. Light some candles and turn off the lights. Be careful to keep your candles a good distance from anything flammable. No candles? Try replacing the harsh overhead lighting with a small lamp instead.

Smell the Relaxation

Candles aren’t just good for great lighting! Your luxury spa wouldn’t be complete without some aromatherapy from your favorite candles. Try eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender to help further relax your body.

Got to be, Clutter-Free

Rid your bathroom of overflowing cosmetics and haircare products. You’ll find that a clean bathroom is much easier to relax in and find your center. If your bathroom isn’t exactly bursting with storage options, utilize baskets and bins to help organize your space while keeping your bathroom beautiful.

Music is Life

Create a calming playlist or turn on your favorite relaxation playlist on Pandora or Spotify to help put you in the mood for rest. Music can have a large effect on your mood, try acoustic songs or rain forest sounds to help put your mind at ease. Turn down for serenity!

The best kind of spa is Ocean Rayz Spa! When your in-home spa just isn’t enough, call Ocean Rayz spa for all of your spa service needs. Our experts specialize in massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing. Let us take care of you!